1. General

1.1. What is OminvestCo.?
OminvestCO. is among the longest established investment companies in the Gulf region and one of the first to be listed both in Oman and the region. It has built its success on the solid foundations of consistent performance from its portfolio of investments within and outside the Sultanate over the 30 years of its existence. 
1.2. How long have you been in this business?
Our group of leading traders and analysts decided to unite their efforts in 2006; however, most of them have over 20 years of experience working in the capital market.
1.3. Is my investment with your company safe?
OminvestCo. guarantees your investment and profits are safe as OminvestCo. has the necessary insurance coverage to provide a reliable client protection from any losses and risks.
1.4. Is my personal information secure?
OminvestCo. ensures that your personal information is absolutely safe and secure. Many technical and physical security checks are carried out constantly to ensure only authorized and trusted staff has access to the personal information of our clients and investors. Moreover, we keep our users' personal information on separate servers that are firewall-protected. We also have a team of internet security experts that consistently monitor the security of our servers and all information contained in it.
1.5. Can I visit your office or meet your managers face-to-face?
Taking into account the fact that we have over 100,000 clients worldwide, it is physically unrealistic to meet the aspirations of all those who want to meet our staff in person. Therefore, our clients' support is carried out on an online basis only.
HOWEVER, we hold GROUP meetings with our VIP investors. In order to participate in this kind of meeting a VIP investor needs just to submit a written request to us beforehand and our manager will contact this investor and arrange all of the details.
We do not operate in the United Kingdom and, consequently, we are not subject to British law. Our London office does not receive clients, but operates for technical and support purposes and performs representative functions.
1.6. Could you provide me with any proof of successful trading such as track records, trading results etc.?
No, this information is not subject to disclosure and exists only for in-house use. Furthermore, this information is a commercial secret and its disclosure inflicts criminal liability. NEVERTHELESS, we regularly provide our VIP investors with detailed public reports on our financial results.
1.7. Do I have to pay taxes?
Our company is registered in an offshore zone to minimize tax load on both our own capital and our clients' funds. Therefore, all the profits, earned by us and redistributed to clients, have been earned in the offshore zone. Regarding tax payment by clients in the countries of their residence, we would like to inform you that our company, to ensure your confidentiality, does not disclose any data about its clients' earnings to tax authorities anywhere in the world.
1.8. Why are your domain data locked by Domains by Proxy?
Because this is protection from spam and other illegal actions from intruders and dishonest competitors.
1.9. What should I do to earn at OminvestCo.?
You need to do nothing but deposit funds and receive daily profit, while the rest will be done by our team of professional traders.
2. Investment
2.1. Who can invest in OminvestCo.?
To make an investment you must first become a member of MacroTrade.com. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. All investors must be at least minimum legal age in their country to be able to open an account. In most countries, the minimum age is 18 years. Corporate clients and business enterprises must be duly incorporated and competent under applicable legislation.
You may be our investor regardless of the country of residence, if this activity does not contradict your home legislation. More instructions you can find in our section Getting Started.
2.2. Which payment methods do you accept?
At the moment we accept popular e-currencies: Perfect Money, Bitcoin,Payeer; as well as International Bank Wire Transfers.
2.3. What is e-currency?
Electronic currency is a way of instant settlements in the Internet. There are numerous electronic currencies, but we are currently accepting the most popular, convenient and reliable in our opinion (Liberty Reserve, SolidTrust Pay and Perfect Money). In other words, an electronic currency is virtual (electronic) money, which, if necessary, is easily converted into actual money. Electronic money is of the same liquidity and, as a rule, linked to such major world currencies as USD or EUR.
2.4. Why e-currency?
We use e-currencies only for the convenience of the users, in particular, because
- it is FAST: user account crediting is carried out within 2-3 seconds from the time of sending
- it is PROFITABLE: commission rates of electronic payment systems are very low. They are especially reasonable for micro-payments.
- it is CONVENIENT: no need to go to the bank, no need to queue, no need to do all the pile of paperwork, no need to count bank-notes, carry cash, give change etc.
- it is RELIABLE, as all settlements are in the electronic form and there is no human factor for the money transfer; electronics cannot make errors, so there is no risk of sending a wrong amount or sending an amount to a wrong account.
2.5. Can I make a deposit via bank transfer?
Yes, You can.
2.6. What currency is used for e-currency and bank transfer deposits?
Both USD and EUR can be used to make a deposit.
2.7. What is your investment period?
You must invest your money for a minimum of 120 days.
3. Account
3.1. Is it necessary to produce any documents to open accounts at OminvestCo.?
No, we respect our clients' confidentiality; therefore, we do not require provision of any documents to open an account.
3.2. How do I open an account?
Opening an account with us is easy and absolutely free. You simply need to fill out the Sign Up form.
3.3. How can I change my password?
Log into your account in OminvestCo., then go to "Profile" and then choose "Password" and change your password. However, to change the password you will be required to enter your old password and enter the new account password twice.
3.4. I lost my password. How can I reset it?
Please use the Password recovery system. After accessing this link, you need to type in your e-mail address, provided during the registration, and the turing number. After that, a message with the password will be sent your e-mail address. We strongly recommend that you change your account password as soon as possible once you have regained access to your OminvestCo. account.
3.5. How can I check my account balance?
You can access your account information 24 hours a day seven days a week over the Internet.
3.6. How do I update the Bitcoin, Perfect Money or Payeer account on my account profile?
To do this, you need to log into your OminvestCo. account, click on the "Profile" link, then choose "E-currency Accounts", type e-currency account(s) and confirm by clicking "Update e-currency accounts" button.
3.7. I have received an e-mail from you that asks me to click on the link and verify my Login ID and password. Did this e-mail come from you?
Never reply to any e-mails that purportedly come from us requesting that you to provide, verify or update your OminvestCo. account details for any reason. We DO NOT and will NEVER send out such e-mails.
3.8. Is it okay to use the same password for my OminvestCo. and e-mail accounts?
No, it is absolutely not safe. Never use the same password for two or more accounts.
3.9. How long does it take for my deposit to be credited to my account?
All deposits, made from electronic currencies and available balances are credited instantly and online. However, in case of any technical failure which may cause your deposit to not be credited automatically, please, contact our support service and we will fix the problem rapidly. We would also like to advise you that deposits, made by wire, are credited on the day of receipt in our bank account; therefore, the speed of crediting the deposit depends on how fast your bank will be able to process an international payment.
3.10. Can I do a direct deposit from my available balance?
Yes, to make a deposit from your OminvestCo. available balance, do the following. Simply log into your members account, click on Spend funds from the Account Balance from Available Balance Radio button.
3.11. Could I spend directly from an e-currency server?
No, we have a fully automated deposit system. All transactions are made from our site. So, just log into the members area and go to Deposit Funds page.
3.12. Can I replenish already existing deposits?
Yes, you may, at any time and as many times as you wish.
3.13. Does the maturity period change while replenishing an already existing deposit?
No, replenishment does not affect the maturity date.
3.14. Can I credit the deposit, made in Liberty Reserve with Perfect Money?
No, it is possible to credit the deposit only in the currency of the principal or from the available balance.
3.15. I have made an individual deposit from the available balance. What e-currency can I use to receive profits under it?
You may receive profits under this deposit in the e-currency you used to obtain the available balance.
3.16. If I use compounding and the amount of my deposit has reached the minimum amount of the next investment plan, will my investment plan change automatically?
Yes, upon reaching the minimum amount of the next investment plan the change is made automatically.
3.17. If I have replenished the deposit and the new deposit amount has reached the next investment plan, will my investment plan change for the next one automatically?
Yes, under reaching the amount of the next investment plan the change is made automatically.
3.18. Can I have several individual deposits, made by various payment methods?
Yes, you may open as many deposits as you want in different currencies, for example, you may have 3 deposits in LibertyReserve, 2 in PerfectMoney and one, made by a Bank Transfer.
3.19. How can I invest by Credit Card?
Variant A:
Open an account with Payeer.com and fund it directly by Credit or Debit Card.

Variant B:
Below are some of the verified exchange providers you can use to fund e-currencies by Credit Card: MoneyCentralMarket, CentreGold, ElectrumX
3.20. Do you return the principal investment?
Yes, we return the principal on the maturity date. When the 180 trading days' period expires, the principal will be credited to your available balance.
4. Interest Payments & Withdrawals
4.1 How often is interest credited to my OminvestCo. account?
Interest is calculated and credited to your OminvestCo. account every working day at 23-59 GMT.
4.2. What interest rate do you offer on deposits?
You can see our interest rates at the Investment Plans page.
4.3. When can I withdraw my profit?
The profit is paid to your Available Balance and you can withdraw it at any time.
4.4. How can I withdraw funds?
You may withdraw you funds at any time, making a request in the Member area on the Withdraw page. The whole procedure is described in the Getting Started section.
4.5. How long does the processing of my withdrawal request take?
The withdrawal request is normally processed within 24 hours once you make the request (though usually it takes only 2-3 hours), except for weekends and holidays. It can take longer (up to 5 business days) for a bank transfer.
4.6. Can I withdraw my investment before maturity?
The interest rates we offer on investments are based on the expectation that the funds will be with us for the full term. Therefore investors cannot withdraw their investment before maturity.
4.7. What are the minimum and the maximum amounts which I can withdraw?
We do not limit minimum or maximum amounts you can withdraw. In fact, you can withdraw any amount from your available balance.
4.8. I have made a deposit in your project. When do I start to receive profits?
First profits are accrued at the end of the following day at 23-59 GMT. On the day of deposit placement, profit is not accrued because the amount begins to participate in trading beginning on THE FOLLOWING DAY!
5. Referral program
5.1. What is a Referral program and how does it work?
Our referral program is an easy way to earn extra money by appealing to new program participants. You may invite your relatives, friends, colleagues and any other people who, in your opinion, could be interested in our service.
Our Referral program has 2 levels, which means that you get a referral commission not only directly from the clients invited by you (1st level), but also from their referrals (2nd level).
5.2. What is the commission you pay for your referral program?
- from direct clients invited by you (1st level) you receive 5% of the amount of all their deposits
- from their referrals (2nd level) you receive 2% of the amount of all their deposits
5.3. Could I earn the referral bonus without making any deposits into your program?
Yes, you can earn the referral bonus without making any deposits in our program. Just promote your referral link to others, and receive daily referral profit.
5.4. Where should I take my referral link?
Your referral link is in the Menu section "Affiliate Program".
5.5. How will I receive my referral bonus?
The referral bonus is accrued to you instantly in the available balance of the e-currency in which your referral made a deposit. The referral bonus is available for withdrawal only in the e-currency in which the invited by you person has made the deposit, i.e. if the deposit was made in PerfectMoney, then it is possible to withdraw this referral bonus only in PerfectMoney.
5.6. When and how often can I withdraw my referral commission?
You can withdraw your referral commission as often as you want and at any time convenient for you.
5.7. I am going to appeal to serious clients, who are planning to invest a large amount. Are there any limits in the amounts of the referral commission?
No, there are no limits. Therefore, the more your referrals invest, the more you can earn.
5.8. I am a webmaster and want to place your banners at my website. Where can I get them?
Our banners are in the Member area in Menu "Affiliate Program".
5.9. How can I advertise your project to earn more, by appealing to more referrals?
We do not forbid any methods of legal advertising. Moreover, we are ready to consider the possibility of participating in advertising campaigns suggested by you by their full or partial funding. For example, having analyzed your local online and offline media, you have found the target audience and offer to attract a significant number of referrals. In this case just write to our support service. We will analyze you advertising plan and will make a decision on our participation.
5.10. Can I refer myself?
No. Self-reference is strictly forbidden and is punished by blocking your account.
6. Compounding
6.1. What is compounding?
Compounding is a financial technique that allows you to earn the interest not only on the original investment, but also on the reinvestment of your daily income. You can choose all or part of your daily income to be reinvested. You are welcome to use our Calculator to better understand the effect of compounding.
6.2. In what way and how often can I change the compounding rate for my investment?
Compounding rate can be changed at any time without any limitations.
6.3. Can I set different compounding rates on individual deposits on my account?
Yes, you can. For example, assume you have 3 different deposits. You may set the compound at 0% on the first deposit, 75% on the second, and 100% on the third.
6.4. What rates of compounding are available?
Any numbers from 0 to 100 divisible by 5 are available. That means 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc. up to 100.
7. International Bank Wire Transfers
7.1. Do you have any minimum for a wire deposit and wire withdrawal?
The minimum for crediting or withdrawing by a bank wire is 1,000.
7.2. Are there any commissions while investing by a bank wire?
No, we do not impose any commissions on crediting by a bank wire, however, the commission of the sending bank and correspondent banks shall be covered by the SENDER. Therefore, before sending the payment it is recommended that you determine the size of these commissions from your bank manager.
7.3. Are there any commission fees for bank wire withdrawals?
Yes. All bank expenses for payment transactions from our bank to the bank of the Payee shall be paid by the Payee.
7.4. How often can I withdraw by bank wire?
We provide bank withdrawals once a week. Every Monday.
7.5. How fast is the deposit credited under wire investing?
The deposit is credited instantly after receiving the money at our bank account. In practice it takes from 1 to 5 business days depending on the urgency of the payment and the sending bank.
7.6. How soon shall I see the money on my bank account under wire withdrawal?
From the moment you receive a notice in your e-mail indicating that your withdrawal has been processed, the payment will be delivered to the account within 3-5 business days.