Om-Investco. is constantly exploring opportunities to increase and diversify its investment portfolio within and outside the Sultanate with the dual goals of growth in earnings and mitigating earnings volatility. The Company also aims to participate in ventures that contribute to the economic development of the Sultanate and to function as a fully integrated investment and financial services group.

OminvestCO. is among the longest established investment companies in the Gulf region and one of the first to be listed both in Oman and the region. It has built its success on the solid foundations of consistent performance from its portfolio of investments within and outside the Sultanate over the 30 years of its existence.

The company is quoted on the Muscat Securities Market ( and up to 70% of the company’s shares are open to foreign ownership. OminvestCO. has around 1,300 shareholders comprising both institutional and individual investors mainly from Oman and the GCC region.

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